There is a 10% discount on food for students and unemployed.

(student pass or unemployment card is nessecary - for food only)


0030 26450 21908, 00306987 080 907
From 07.30 to 12.30

Working Hours

Open 24 hours:
Efstathia Zakka 12-14, Agios Minas, Lefkas (next to Alfa Bank)

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Original Italian pizzas as well as dishes inspired from old traditional Italian recipes are daily being offered at Sent Minas’ shopping center in Lefkada’s town.

Zimis, the owner of the pizza-restaurant, has recently chosen to set up his own business in one of his favorite destinations, Lefkada, as he had gained culinary skills in Australia and in Athens, where he used to leave in the past, in order to offer his delicious recipes to his new customers.

Pastry, the main food material, is his production. That element makes the difference in food quality and taste. Additionally, everything is being baked in a traditional oven with woods. Last but not least comes the ingredient’s quality. All those together, material-way of baking-quality, compose a unique tasty delight.

At Zimis’ place, you can taste a variety of traditional foods mixed with contemporary flavours. In our menu you can find pizzas, burger-pies, vegetable’s –pie, pastry foods, salads, sandwiches, sweet pies etc. You can make your own order either by phone or you can get your food served in the beautifully decorated restaurant.

Zimis’ food place is open all day ( 24 hours) and is waiting for you, in order to welcome you in the delightful world of taste.

Price list

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Zimis’ food place brings a “fresh air” in pizza every day, with home-made pastry and ingredients.

Our specialties:

Peinirli with lefkada'sdry cured salami 

Peinirli with sausage,sauce,mustard,onion 

Peinirli with salami,tomato,cheese 

Peinirli Chocobana (chocolate,banana) 

Mpoygatsa (cream, cream merenda, cheese) 

Puff pastry : Cheese Pie, chicken's bakon pie 

Foccocia baked 


Fresh salad 


-Pastry "nest" 






-Saint Mina 








Rizzoto with prawns& tomato sauce 

Pork fillets 

Chicken schnitzel